It's a scary statistic-- in Missouri, 45 moms die for every 100,000 live births. That's significantly higher than the country's average, and no one really knows why.

Source: | Author: Kay Quinn

You might think dying during pregnancy or childbirth has gone the way of the horse and buggy, or disappeared with the invention of antibiotics.

But a 5 On Your Side investigation uncovered a shocking health trend. The number of moms dying of pregnancy complications in the state of Missouri spiked dramatically in the past five years.

Life in rural America can be tough, with challenges starting right from birth. Increasingly, rural women lack access to maternity services, jeopardizing their health and that of their newborns at a time when U.S. maternal mortality is rising.

Giving birth is hard enough, but racing 100 miles to the nearest hospital down winding country roads is a particularly harrowing way to experience labor. Evidence confirms what common sense suggests: Drive time affects outcomes. A Canadian study shows that the babies of mothers who travel more than an hour to give birth are more likely to require intensive care or to die within their first year of life.

Kupang: Sabtu (11/11/2017) lalu, Kalbe Nutritionals bersama Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia (IDAI) Jawa Timur dan IDAI NTT, mengadakan audiensi kepada Gubernur NTT, Drs. Frans Lebu Raya tentang rangkaian kegiatan CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) yang dilakukan Kalbe Nutritionals di kota Kupang, NTT.

Kegiatan CSR tersebut merupakan salah satu bentuk komitmen Kalbe Nutritionals dan Morinaga untuk berperan aktif dalam kegiatan Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Indonesia (SUN Movement Indonesia) dan Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) dalam upaya berkesinambungan agar anak Indonesia berkesempatan mendapatkan nutrisi terbaik. 


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