Early adoption will bring huge psychological and physical benefits for the adopted children, and increase their chances of developing into healthy and productive adults.

India has proposed changing the law that governs adoption in order to fast-track court clearances, which often delays the process by more than two years. The proposed amendment to the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015 empowers district courts to declare children legally free for adoption, moving away from the busy courts of civil magistrates, which struggle with backlogs of pending cases and rarely prioritise adoption. The move is expected to bring the time taken per adoption down to about two months.

Gempuran modernisasi di berbagai bidang turut mempengaruhi pola asuh para orangtua 'zaman now'. Salah satu, mereka merasa lebih nyaman membawa stroller ketika mengajak si kecil ke luar rumah ketimbang  menggendong, yang kerap dilakukan orangtua sebelumnya. 

Padahal menggendong memiliki beragam manfaat bagi orangtua dan bayi. Fakta inilah yang menjadi keprihatinan Wiena Pratasik untuk mengkampanyekan sekaligus mengedukasi kegiatan menggendong yang ternyata bermanfaat untuk kesehatan anak baik secara fisik, sosial dan emosional. 

In June 2014, the Philips Community Life Centre (CLC), based in Kiambu County, opened its doors to the public. The facility, whose standards match those of referral hospitals, offers what Philips describes as a community-driven, holistic approach to improving primary healthcare. The CLC is not just a health facility. It is also a community hub. The Solar PV system installed by Philips provides reliable and clean energy supply to the centre while the indoor and outdoor LED-lighting enables extended operating hours and provides security to patients and staff.


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