Herat, Afghanistan. - By midnight, Khurshid (35), already five months pregnant, was in serious trouble.

Bleeding heavily, she had passed out from severe pain at home, and her family had carried her unconscious body to the nearest, and only, health station in the remote and mountainous Chesht-e Sharif district of Afghanistan’s Herat Province.

“Her state shocked me, but I knew quickly that it was a miscarriage,” recalls Amena (22), the midwife on duty at the clinic, known locally as a Family Health House, that is supported by the Italian Agency for International Development and the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA.

MAKASSAR, INIKATA.com – Plt Walikota Makassar, Syamsu Rizal menilai masalah kependudukan di perkotaan mesti menjadi perhatian. Intenfisikasi pelaksanaan program KB yang berbasis peningkatan SDM pembinaan maupun pengelolaan di lapangan.

“Melalui program itu mampu menurunkan tingkat kelahiran (TFR) dan menurunkan angka kematian ibu dan anak dari tahun ke tahun,” ungkap Daeng Ical sapaan akrab Syamsu Rizal, Rabu (2/5/2018).

Doctors define the “perinatal period” as running from before conception, through a woman’s pregnancy, all the way to a year post-partum. It’s a time when women go through many changes physically - and mentally. But for women who struggle with mental health or substance abuse issues - these changes not only can affect the mother, but the child as well.


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